Sculptures in stone, wood and bronze

About 25 years ago Ruth Vulto Gaube traded in her life in the heart of lively Berlin (Germany) for an idyllic place in the wide Frisian countryside of the Netherlands. Here she finds the concentration and the purity, which can also be experienced in her compact sculptures.

A large international network and regular exhibitions, also in foreign countries, are letting her participate in the development of contemporary art and are giving her a podium to exchange thoughts and ideas with other artists.

For many years, her studio in Workum, Friesland has been a meeting place for art-interested people, where, under her supervision, sculptures of high quality are created and conversations about art and culture are held. The large number of Vulto Gaube’s activities and projects involving other people, shows how important it is to her to connect fine arts and dialogue to each other.

Musica tangibile – tangible music – is the main theme of her work at the moment. She translates sounds and phenomena related to music into her sculptures, making them visible and tangible.